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Related options for OpenCart2 2.2.3

Related options for OpenCart2

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    File info

    Attention is the version for Opencart / OcStore 2. * For Opencart / OcStore 1.5. * Use the Linked Options

    The "Linked Options" module allows you to specify for the goods the available combination of options (bind options). This can be useful when selling products that have interdependent characteristics (options), such as color and size for clothing.

    After installing the module, when editing the goods, the "Associated options" tab is displayed, on which you can specify available combinations of options for the product.

    Main functions and features of the module:

    Combine / link any number of options
    use the "select", "radio" and "image" options for communication.
    specify different prices (including discounts, promotions), weights and models for different combinations of related options (by model, you can also search in the admin panel and front-end)
    set different options for combinations of options for different products (color + size for some products, length + width for others, etc.)
    limit the buyer's choice to only the available combinations of options (other values are either hidden or made inaccessible)
    allow the buyer to select the values of the associated options in any order, all restrictions will immediately extend to other options
    Add a "Clear parameters" button for the buyer to the product page, clearing all option values (optional)
    use step-by-step selection of options - the buyer must first select the first option, then the second, and so on. (optional)
    keep track of the number of associated sets of related options
    prohibit the addition of goods to the basket if the quantity for the selected option combination exceeds the balance
    automatically select a certain combination of options when the goods page is opened by the buyer (optional)
    import / export in XLS format (requires PHPExcel)
    full compatibility with the module Dynamic price update - Live Price 2

    If no set of related options is specified for the product, its options will work in the standard way.

    Attention! The module requires vQmod 2.5.1 or higher.

    Compatibility: OpenCart 2. *

    Attention is a version for Ocstore 2 - Opencart 2. * For Opencart / OcStore 1.5. * Use the Linked Options

    The module is compatible with most templates / themes (including Journal2).

    If you still have any problems, write to us, we will try to help.


    Copy the contents of the upload folder to the site. Your files will not be overwritten.
    Perform the module installation through the menu "Add-ons / Modules" - "Related options" - "Install"
    If necessary, configure options for related options through the menu "Add-ons / Modules" - "Linked options" - "Edit"

    Updating the module version (it is not recommended to update the module if you do not need the added functionality):

    Make a backup copy of the database.
    Copy the contents of the upload folder to the site with overwriting existing files.
    Perform the installation of the module through the menu "Add-ons / Modules" - "Related options" - "Modify" (a message will be displayed about updating the module version)





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