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SVIP Proxmox VPS For WHMCS 2.1.4

Proxmox VPS For WHMCS

  1. Beyond
    Proxmox VPS For WHMCS is an innovatory module that will allow you to automate the provisioning of virtual servers to your clients. Owing to clear configuration, you will be able to quickly and capably set up ready products in WHMCS and offer them to your customers!

    This is just the beginning. The most important part of the module enables your customers to conveniently manage virtual servers directly in the WHMCS client area! Your clients will be able to manage their servers, backups, firewall as well as access noVNC/VNC/SPICE console, statistics, graphs and much more! Additionally, the module contains incredible Proxmox Addon permitting you to monitor & manage your servers, IP addresses and clusters - without leaving WHMCS.

    The number of features offered and comfort of use make Proxmox VPS For WHMCS a great choice for all Proxmox VE owners, who want to find new ways of distribution, improve customers experience and of course - increase profits! Purchase the module today and make your offer really extraordinary.

    The most important difference between Proxmox VPS For WHMCS and Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS appears in the possibilities offered to your customers. The first enables your clients to manage a single, predetermined virtual private server per WHMCS product. The other one allows your clients to freely create, modify, delete and manage multiple virtual private servers per WHMCS product. You can combine both modules together in order to maximize the diversity and attractiveness of your offer.

    • Admin Area
      • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Server
      • Create/Terminate User Account
      • Change Package - Supports Configurable Options
      • Boot/Reboot/Stop/Shutdown Server
      • Change User Role
      • Access VNC/SPICE/noVNC Console
      • Migrate Server Between Nodes
      • Reinstall Server
      • View Server Status, Details And Statistics
      • View Graphs - With Ability To Change Time Scale of MRTG Graphs
      • Display Disk And Bandwidth Usage Of Each Product
      • Display CPU And Memory Usage Of Each Product
      • Auto Node - Possibility To Automatically Create VM On Node With The Most Free Space
      • Configure Client Area Features Per Product
      • Import IP Address To Hosting IP Addresses Table
      • Return IP Address To IP Addresses Subnet
      • Add Additional IP Address To VM
      • Enable Backups Routing


    1. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_1.png
    2. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_2.png
    3. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_3.png
    4. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_4.png
    5. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_5.png
    6. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_6.png
    7. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_7.png
    8. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_8.png
    9. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_9.png
    10. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_10.png
    11. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_11.png
    12. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_12.png
    13. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_13.png
    14. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_14.png
    15. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_15.png
    16. proxmox_vps_for_whmcs_16.png
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