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Affiliate Pack X for Opencart 2017-11-07

Affiliate Pack X for Opencart

  1. Beyond
    This resource is only for:
    • OC Member S
    • OC Member V
    This pack includes 6 separate modules:

    Advanced Multi Level Affiliate System (MTA):

    Customer and Affiliate Accounts Combined into one Account:

    Affiliate Tracking with Coupons:

    Discount for Referred Customers:

    Type-in Tracking Code:

    Affiliate Mass Pay:

    These modules significantly expand openCart affiliate functionality, and here you can get them all with 33% discount, saving $42.

    Some of the features, added by these modules, are:
    • multiple affiliate levels
    • possible to have one combined account instead of separate customer and affiliate accounts
    • fixed amount commission
    • auto-assign commission and auto-approve affiliates
    • configure commission for products and product/affiliate combinations
    • configurable discount for customers who are referred by affiliates
    • attach coupons to affiliate and use coupon code as affiliate tracking code
    • calculate commission from total or subtotal, before or after shipping etc.
    • affiliates can come up with their own, shorter and easier, tracking code during registration
    • besides using affiliate links, customers can just type tracking code
    • logged-in affiliates can obtain links to any page with their tracking code while just browsing the site
    • remove certain affiliate fields, including payment methods, or make them required
    • pay affiliates with Store Credits
    • streamline affiliate earnings withdrawal process
    • and more

    For more features, detailed information, requirements etc. - visit module's own pages:


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